Welcome to Kamloops Caremongering Network!

Because #WeGotThisKamloops

Caremongering Kamloops is a 100% volunteer-driven organization intent on bringing the community together to share resources and ultimately support each other during this crisis through fun and inventive ways. We are providing a neighbour to neighbour service (N2N) to connect people who want to help during this crisis with those who need it. Most of the services we’re offering can be conducted online or over the telephone, so feel free to sign up to help even if you are self-isolating.

Offer Help Or Organize Online Activities

Would you like to help someone in need? Fill out this form and become connected with someone in the community who is in need.​


Request Help Or Join Online Activities

In need of assistance? Fill out this form and your request will be matched with someone who is able to help.

How Does N2N Work?

For everyone’s safety and protection, there should be no personal contact and no exchange of money. No personal information will be shared publicly. Your contact information will be shared only with the organizing team and the match assigned to you. 

As requests for help come in, the captains will match requests and appropriate offers so the two parties can make their own arrangements.

Do you know someone who might want to request help but doesn’t have internet access? Please let them know that they can call the N2N Request Line at 778-696-2039 to talk with a volunteer who will take their request over the phone.

Cute little girl sitting by the window and drawing heart on frozen glass. Kid enjoys the winter.

Our Safety Guidelines

Safety and public health is our first priority. Let’s make sure we’re doing all we can to keep people safe!  

For latest updates see: BC Centre for Disease Control info and Kamloops COVID-19 info

  1. We all want to help. The best way we can help is to not get sick and to not transmit.  Act like you have the virus — even if you’re feeling great.
  2. Learn how to wash your hands  — REALLY wash your hands!
  3. The best way to not transmit is to simply stay at home. Do what you can online or over the phone. 
  4. IF you do need to have in-person interaction, keep your distance. Helpers should wipe down any delivered items with disinfectant wipes and leave them on the front step. Folks receiving help should not open their doors until the helper is at least 2 metres away. After bringing items inside, wipe them again and… you guessed it… wash your hands